Friday, April 26, 2013

My Magical Adventure at Lotte World

One view of Lotte World, an Amusement Park
Last weekend, we were wondering about how we were going to spend our Sunday evening. I decided that it would be convenient for us to go to Lotte World! It was actually the third time I've been there, but it has been awhile since I've been. I last went to the park in 2011.

Taking in the Scenery

Lotte World (or ๋กฏ๋ฐ์›”๋“œ in Korean) is a small to medium-sized amusement park in Seoul. It's located in the eastern section of the city and can be accessed by subway. Anyone interested in going should head to Jamsil station on line #2, and you can enter the park without having to exit the subway station. It can also be accessed from the outside, behind or beside the large Lotte Hotel World. 

Lotte World has all sorts of games and rides, including roller coasters for all ages. As a result, there were tons of children, adults and couples there. They also give live performances every now and then. They have an ice skating rink, too. Visitors can buy pretty souvenirs, carnival-type junk food and there are plenty of restaurants. We decided to only have a snack at the park and we went to the nearby TGI Friday's for a real dinner.

I like this amusement park in particular mostly because of its size and convenient location. It's easy to arrive here, but it's more complicated to get to Everland. We only had Sunday evening, so it made sense to come here. And we managed to have a good time in a few hours. Another big plus is the fact that many, if not most attractions are indoors. That way, I can enjoy myself even in poor weather!

An Indoor View
Another good thing was that we arrived in the late afternoon, basically avoiding the huge crowds that can pack the place and increase wait times significantly. It was also exam time for college and middle school students, meaning that many of them were studying at home. We really lucked out on that one, since last thing I want is to wait over an hour for a five minute ride! Some of the tickets include discounts for arriving after a certain time.

We went on some rides, like your typical pirate ship ride (called the Conquistador at this park) and bumper cars. A couple of the rides certainly cause dizziness, such as their "Comet Express," a space-themed roller coaster that spins you around and their swinging chair ride, the "Swing Tree." In my opinion, the best rides were the "Bungee Drop" and the "Atlantic Adventure," a fast roller coaster. I screamed my guts out, but it was all worth it! Their most famous ride is called the "Gyro Drop," which is a much bigger version of the "Bungee Drop." It happened to be closed that day, not that I was going to ride on it anyway! We also took some time off in between to play air hockey and an old favorite, "House of the Dead".

Overall, I had a fantastic time there. The rides were good and the workers were friendly. This probably won't be my last visit.

Posing in Front of a Knight on Horseback!

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