Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Happy Halloween in 2013!

Me in my witch costume! I left my giant hat in the states!
Happy Halloween!! 

 It being my third Halloween in Korea, I already had a routine, more or less. I always found a way to celebrate the holiday on a night out with my friends, and I always celebrated it with my school.

Not everything went according to plan! I'm still satisfied with the way things turned out though.

Halloween fell on a Thursday this year. The Saturday before, I had a rather complicated situation. I wanted to meet two sets of friends, and also meet up with a date. I was supposed to have dinner first with the date, meet some friends in Hongdae, then meet some friends in Itaewon.

What it ended up being was: I dressed up as a pirate in the grungy women's bathroom in the subway station. Next, I met the friends in Hongdae for about 30 minutes, then had dinner with the date in Itaewon, then went to a bar with the guy, while waiting for the other set of friends to explain to me where the bar was (they had gone to a place I'd never heard of). I ended up getting tired and going home early!

No matter, the Aussie bar we went to had a couple there with an intense makeup job:

Yikes! I was told that she did the makeup.
After that, I genuinely scared for the night. ^^

Halloween at School

Then came time to celebrate the holiday at school, with the kids. That was on Monday and Tuesday.

The creeper (from minecraft, kimbap, a wolf, a witch and the hulk! The kids was an FBI agent.)

The foreign teachers were in charge of coming up with a Halloween event for the kiddies! My coworkers created a plan to make a Halloween quiz and a scary story. When the kids answered questions correctly, they received candy.

After the ultra spooooky story, the kids had the chance to go to a market. The Korean teachers handed them money in fake dollars, and the kids used it to buy stuff. There were sweets and school supplies for sale. The kids loved it! However, very few of them dressed up, which was a bummer. The Korean teachers were given devil's horns headbands.

First, a scary story, then a market!
Since I wasn't able to contribute anything to the Halloween celebration, I wanted to make up for it by cooking and bringing treats for the teachers on Halloween day, which is Thursday. There are far too many students, nor do I have a homeroom class, so cooking for the teachers makes more sense.

I cooked two different treats: Wicked Witch Stuffed Potatoes and Mummy Dogs.

The snacks turned out really well! The stuffed potatoes are amazing! I can't wait to have more. Here's a picture of them:

Stuffed Potatoes for Halloween!
I took them to work on Halloween day, and they were a big hit. I was initially swarmed for pictures by the Korean teachers.

Nom nom nom
 What a great way to finish up the holiday! Halloween's one of my favorites, and I look forward to it coming next year ;-)

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