Monday, January 14, 2013

Ahh, the first post

Hello everyone! Welcome to my brand-new blog. I can start with a little bit about me.

At the last place I visited, Colombia
  1. I'm a gal in my mid-20s and I'm usually single. But don't get too excited because I rarely post about significant others.
  2. I chose the blog name because since I move often, people are beginning to tell me that I have "gypsy blood," but I didn't want to use the word "gypsy," since it could be seen as offensive.
  3. I really enjoy meeting new people, and cherish friendships. However, since people move on, that can be seen as a downside of being an expat.
  4. I'm from the states and I have also lived in Argentina, South Korea and Colombia. I've traveled to a few more places, such as Chile, Bolivia and Thailand. 
  5. I'm an expat teacher! Right now I'm teaching EFL, but I'm upgrading my credentials so that I'll be able to teach in international schools abroad.
  6. I have an odd and somewhat distant relationship with my parents.
  7. I'm the black sheep of my family. I have lots of relatives, but I don't have much in common with them. I still love them very much.
  8. The above facts allow me to live away from home for long periods without feeling homesick.
  9. I take pride in my work and always adore my students!
  10. I like to take pictures, dance to fun music, try new foods, hang out with friends, see new places, read about current events, learn about political issues, watch films and experience different cultures!
See my former students being silly!

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